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Front Cover: “Meals For A Day”

Damn. I can only hope this article reflects lofty aspirations rather than cultural norms/expectations. Not to judge (too harshly) however, if the author of TotUG really wanted or actually succeeded in cooking and serving  three multi-course meals in a single day. Anyway, enough … Continue reading

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Front Cover: “Do Not Forget” and L. M. Montgomery

Because 90% of the content of TotUG is food-related, the occasional news clipping, society column, or story that was included among the legions of recipes seems all the more significant. Why did the author choose to paste a clipping of L.M. … Continue reading

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Front Cover: “Very Attractive and Good” Eggs A La Milanese

  Obviously, I can never turn off my proofreading impulses because the first thing I thought about this recipe was that the “a” in “a la Milanese” was missing an accent grave. But the point of this blog, thank God, is … Continue reading

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The Tome of the Unknown Gastronome (hereafter TotUG) is a large, rather hefty, book, measuring approximately 16 x 12 inches, with thick cardboard pages and an exterior cover of (now) very tattered thin black cloth. After perusing a few pages, I initially thought … Continue reading

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